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Sentosa Heights is located at Santa Rosa Laguna

A lot of people dream constantly about a life that’s way beyond the normal standards. These folks often want a lucrative position, tons of cars, and numerous properties under their name. The thing is, only a few people ever work hard for this dream. There are only a handful of people who actually put in the required sacrifice to have a lifestyle far from most people have. If you are one of these people, there’s no better home to have than in Sentosa Heights. Just take a look at its location in the map you’ll find out why.

This luxurious community is located in South Forbes, in the heart of Laguna. This community boasts an eco-friendly system where the beauty of nature is always around you. In this area, you won’t have to be affected by the dangers of pollution and congestion of the metro. You’ll surely have all the space you want to do the things you love the most.

Getting in and out of Sentosa Heights isn’t a worry for you. Even though this property is situated outside of Metro Manila, it isn’t a reason to be far away from everything you need in the city. You don’t have to allot a huge amount of time to travel for work, school, or leisure. Prospective homeowners have three SLEX exits that provide a faster travel time – Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa, and Eton City. With just a few minutes of driving, you can be on your way to a lot of destinations in the city. As a matter of fact, travel time to business and commercial districts in Makati, Alabang, Taguig, Pasig, and Manila is shorter than what you’ve expected. With this benefit, you can have a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

How you spend your spare time will definitely be upgraded with a wide variety of great establishments surrounding Sentosa Heights. Since this property is touted as a high-class and upscale residence for you and your family, it’s only logical to find awesome reasons to explore nearby areas. Some of these places include Nuvali, Eton City, and Paseo de Sta. Rosa Mall, among others. All of these establishments offer a good time for you and your loved ones in an area that’s close to home.

Your children’s future is secured as well when you choose Sentosa Heights to be your residence. There are a lot of great schools in the area, all of which offer an unparalleled quality of education for your young ones. These educational institutions include De La Salle University Laguna, Don Bosco Sta. Rosa, and Brent School. All of these schools are a notch higher than most institutions found in the metro and they will surely be a good place for your kids to study.

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