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When everyone else settles with conventional choices, they tend to make compromises that affect some key life aspect. We know that your lifestyle and the decisions you make is way beyond what other people have. It’s only fitting to have a residence where your preferences are based on luxury, convenience, and style. That’s exactly the benefit Sentosa Heights is promising you when you choose this community to be your home.

For starters, there’s a wide area meant for golf enthusiasts here in Sentosa Heights. This golf club is open only to residents of this property, assuring you of exclusivity every time you spend your time here. The ammenity is complete with facilities and personnel to help make your golf-playing experience the best you ever had.

Along with a complete golf course, you can also spend your time honing your swing in a driving range within Sentosa Heights’ premises. Just like the golf course itself, this facility is complete with the necessary facilities to help you perfect your skills.

Living in a luxurious home means nothing if there’s always a power or water shortage. Thankfully, you won’t have any of those things when you choose Sentosa Heights to be your residence. First off, this property has an underground water tank that’s dedicated in supplying this important resource to each house. This tank ensures you will have a constant supply of water for your everyday needs without the fear of losing it. At the same time, power outages shouldn’t be a concern for you anymore. Your home here in Sentosa Heights is powered by electrical wires and cables located underground. That means you no longer need to worry about losing power whenever a storm hits the country. As a result, you get to achieve a lot of tasks inside your house whatever the weather condition may be.

Since Sentosa Heights’ has a limit when it comes to their residential lots, space will be optimized in every corner of this property. As a matter of fact, the roads are 13 to 15 meters wide. This benefit gives you a better driving experience and creates more room for everyone in this community.

Our quest for a home that exceeds our expectations can only be completed if its surrounding amenities pass our standards. The good news is, your residence here in Sentosa Heights will surely satisfy your preferences with all of the great amenities present. These amenities all cater to your interest in golf, your basic needs, and convenience. All in all, a residential lot in this property will definitely be more than your money’s worth.

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